What are the steps to making the resin jewelry

If you want to become a great jewel maker you should make sure to follow certain steps. There are detailed instructions regarding the ways to make resin jewelry. Once you have learned the steps to make the jeweles you will be able to do gorgeous jewels. Isn't it great to wear the resin ring which you created? In fact, you will be able to design as you want to. Of course, you might face many issues but by reading the detailed instructions you will be able to make great jewelry. It is obvious that you can't do a perfect job on the first try but with practice, you will be able to design a great jewel. If you create and work on some resin jewelry you will become a great jewel maker with the time. Moreover, making resin jewelry is not at all expensive which mean you can get the best out of what is available. You will be able to create your dream resin ring or pendant with lower cost.

Let us learn the steps


As we alluded above, after reading the steps you will be able to get the clear idea of making the resin jewelry. Here we go;

  • The protection- It is important to protect the place and you when working the resin. In order to protect the place, you should use the waxed paper. You should cover the whole area with wax paper.  If resin spills you will have to go through difficult procedures rather be cautious. In order to protect yourself, you should wear the latex gloves, safety goggles, and based on the resin type you should wear the respirator. So, bear in mind that it is important to protect yourself.
  • The items- you should make sure to collect the essential items for embedding.  You might include images or transparencies so you should cut it the shape you want it to be. You should make sure to cut in the proper size. If you are using the paper image you should make sure to coat it with Mod Podge because it will prevent the discoloration. Also, you should make sure to make it dry until you are 100% sure that it is right.
  • The shaping up- you should make sure to decide the tool which you will be using in order to shape the resin as for your desired shape. If you are a beginner you should use the empty bezel as it is easy to handle. If you don't prefer using the bezel you can use the molds which are specified for the jewel casting.
  • The mixing – the step of mixing the resin with the catalyst should be done in the proper manner. You can use the medicine cups to measure the amount of the mixtures. So, the medicines are also inexpensive which means you do not have to bear huge costs to make your own jewel.

So, now, it is time to try on your own.

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